Friday, October 23, 2009

Today's playlist of Angel in the morning on Aruba's Cool FM

Killer queen- Queen
Fireflies- Owl City

Walk like an egyption- The Bangles
Tik Tok- Kesha
You got the love- Florence and the machine

A million love song- Leona Lewis and take that
3- Britney Spears

Rich girls- Down and Webstar
Single ladies- Beyonce
Fluorescent adolescent- Arctic Monkeys

Revolver- Madonna ft. Lil Wayne
Million dollar bill- Whitney Houston
Step on- Happy mondays

Paparazzi- Lady Gagga
Gangsta love- Snoop Dogg ft. the dream
So what- Pink

Doo Wop (that thing)- Lauryn Hill
Young girl- Orange Grove
Shut it down- Pitbull ft. Akon

Jamming- Bob Marley
Change- Daniel Merriweather

Get down 2008- Paul Johnson
When love takes over- David Guetta ft. Kelly Rowland
That's not my name- Dizee Rascal

Meet me halfway- Black Eyed Peas
Chelsea dagger- Fratellis

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Some old-school pictures

Just got back from our travels to the UK and I decided it was time to scan some old pictures in before they get too old and trashed to keep any longer.

Partyzone with Howie B. & me looking odd with my space age shades ; )

Having a lovely traditional Japanese dinner in Tokio with my mum and James Hyman

Just an old press picture

Hanging out with Mark Wahlberg, back then still know as Marky Mark