Sunday, May 27, 2007

Lindsay Lohan's drink driving

I don't get it. First it's Paris Hilton and now Lindsay Lohan is out drink driving, with cocaine being found in her car as well. I mean, is she trying to copy her rather moronic 'frienemy' Paris? (scenes of them shouting 'Coke head!' and 'Fire crotch!' to each other in public were both pathetic and hilarious)

Anyway, it all just doesn't make any sense. These girls will spend fortunes on handbags, but they don't have money for a driver or even a taxi? What's up with these high-living low-lifes? Do they think they are above the law?

Lock them up, that's what I say. Not just because they could have hit an innocent bystander, not just because they (sadly enough) are rolemodels to millions of young girls, but also for their own sakes. Some time alone, without any luxuries may be just what these girls need. They may come to the realization that their current lifestyle is not serving anyone, not even themselves. They could use their fame and fortune in so many postive ways, but instead all they do is waste millions (dollars and braincells). Currently, their only use is to fill the tabloid magazines. People enjoy watching trainwrecks, especially when those in question are rich and succesful. We place them on a pedestal & then the cheering crowd takes great pleasure in knocking them off again ("Ding-dong, the witch is dead", yes it's the modern-day equivalent of witch burning sessions)

Anyway, I wish them well. These misguided souls. May penitentiary do them good.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My family 'on tour'

We've been 'on the road' with our two little kids for the last month now (England, US, Belize and Aruba) and with all this traveling I'm still not in the mood for much blogging. Still, I just wanted to share with you which songs really did it for me when we were in the UK two weeks ago. Okay, so these were it:
  1. Brainstorm by the Arctic Monkeys (crazy music style, a kind of punk, metal, pop mash-up...absolutely genius. Guess there was substance behind all the hype over this band)
  2. Your love is not enough by the Manic Street Preachers and Nina from the Cardigans (Nina's vocals are hauntingly beautiful. I hope that she's more fun these days though than she was in the nineties when I interviewed her band the Cradigans and rated it as my most boring interview ever!)
  3. Get down! by Groove Armada (brilliant party tune! Love Groove Armada! And I would love, love, love to see these guys play live one day. Everyone seems to agree that they are a great live act)

And my one-year-old's favorite track was NYC Beat by Armand Van Helden. Yep, he's a little raver already. Well done my boy! Mummy is proud of you!

Anyway, in June we'll be back in Belize and that's when I'll sit down and write some 'proper' posts again.


Friday, May 04, 2007

The English music scene

After all these years, I still have to say that the English music scene is by far the most exiting in the world. We're in the UK for two weeks and I am loving the barrage of new music that gets thrown at you here. It does also make me feel a bit sad though, as I miss being part of that world these days. I hear my old colleagues on the radio here (Edith Bowen, Sarah Cox, Zane, etc.) and I have to admit, I do feel a tat jealous. Still, I know that I have an amazing life too, quite different, but amazing none the less. I life in paradise, I'm happily married, have two great kids, we're financially secure, we're healthy, we have a fun business...what more could you want really?

Anyway, I'll blog again when we get home next week.

Adios amigos!