Saturday, October 21, 2006

The music we like to play at our jungle resort

People often ask me what music I listen to these days. I always explain that at the Belize Jungle Dome it simply sounds wrong to play anything too 'full on'. So no underground dance music blaring through the jungle, but generally soothing sounds that complement our nature surroundings. A good example is Zero 7. We love playing their music whilst lounging in the pool. Check out their video for 'Futures'. It shows the composing and de-composing of foods, leaves, etc. Like Cliptip pointed out, rather hypnotizing...

We also love to play all kinds of Latin Grooves. A fun and poppy example of this is the track Millionaire by Plastilina Mosh. Directed by Punga Visual Consorcio from Mexico.

By the way, for those of you who love watching tons of cool music videos, go to the Ninja Tunes video page (great archive)


Thomas said...

punga are from argentina :) buddies of mine

gruss aus seattle

Al said...

The music is always playing at the Dome from what I can remember. One of my fondest stories upon our visit was sitting in your treetop lounge on our last night with Andy and John with Kraftwerk playing in the background. Was a Brilliant end to a fantastic vacation ! ! !