Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Moby & I

I am very confused about the new Moby video. It's for his track with Debbie Harry, called 'New York, New York'. The song itself is pleasant enough, but the video????? The reason I'm so confused it's that it's such a bad 'not funny!' video & Moby normally has a great sense of humor. I know, because Moby & I used to be very good friends. Sadly enough, we don't talk to each other these days. I think I broke his heart or just bruised his ego (to this day I'm not sure which it was). I'll go into the story in a minute, first have a look at the 'New York, New York' promo & make up your own mind...

So anyway, how/why did I break Moby's heart? Well, we used to hang out a lot. We actually made a great team, Moby and I. I stopped him from getting too uptight about things & he used to inspire me mentally-he's incredibly intelligent- and blow me away musically-he used to play my piano or sit and and play the guitar for me. We really loved hanging out together, the only problem was that he fancied me and I didn't fancy him.

Anyway, Moby got the wrong end of the stick and started hinting to people (the press included) that we were some kind of item. I had planned a trip to New York to stay with him, so I decided to let him know ahead of time what the deal was. He took it well and we both decided that I should still come to New York.

Once I got there it turned out that he was a bit peeved and had ordered his best friend Damien Loeb (an amazingly talented but struggling artist back then & a superstar painter now) to entertain me whilst he would continue his work in the studio. So during the day I would hang out in Damien's art studio/apartment and at night the three of us would hang out together. Visiting the three vegan restaurants in New York that were strict enough for Moby to eat in (yawn!) or watch crap videos like Pooh Bear in Apocalypse Now (Moby's choice of movie). After a while, Damien and I had more fun together and didn't really want to drop whatever we were doing during the day to suit King Moby.

So, to make a long story short...Damien and I started seeing each other. Moby was not too happy (obviously) and the whole thing became a bit of a mess for all of us. The relationship didn't last & I let the two best friends get on with mending their friendship.

It's a shame really. They are both such interesting characters. It would have been nice to have stayed friends with them. But there you go, love triangles are messy things to get into. I guess I should have known the trouble it would cause and never have gotten involved with Damien in the first place.

Anyway, that's all a long, long time ago. I'm just happy that life as a married woman and a mother is so much less complicated : )

So, just for old time's sake, a very melancholic live version of 'Go' from the Partyzone studio. Check out Moby and I cross-dressing in this clip too. We swapped outfits half-way through the show & continued the interview with me wearing Moby's jeans & T-shirt and Moby wearing my sparkly dress.