Monday, January 08, 2007

The ever elusive Ray

My God, Ray Cokes is crap at updating people on his life. He keeps promising to write something for me to post here, but then nothing comes. Even his MySpace page hasn't had a new posting since July 2006. What's up Ray? Sort it out!

By the way, I can't get that 'tickytacky' song out of my head. You know, that song from the series 'Weeds'? It's actually called 'Little boxes' & I just love it. The lyrics are so funny. If the series 'Weeds' has not been shown in the country that you live in, do check out the soundtracks (series 1 & 2) to that show on Itunes. They are great. And aparently there is a third season coming in 2007.


Gaz.Baz said...

i try to contact ray on myspace sometimes for updates on what he is up to in the future

he did reply a couple of times when i was putting loads and loads of clips on youtube of most wanted(before they deleted them all,because my account also had some top of the pops clips),but after that he just reads them but never replies :(

long live ray cokes thought :)

Ray Cokes said...

hmmmm, starting to get a bad rep i see. nothing new though as my friends have been saying for years that i am hopeless at keeping in touch. mind you, i thought i had sorted that so i had better sort this too. simone, my dear, you have my word that i will add my own small offering to your incredibly detailed and interesting blog, later this week.
stay safe and be lucky xray

Simone said...

Hi sweety,

Good to see you here on my blog. I'll be waiting for your update...once again ; )

No really, it will great to hear what's happening in your world these days. I want to know it all!

Love, Simone