Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My old music videos

It's always a shock to me to see how dodgy my dress sense was back in my 'raving' days. Especially the outfits in 'When love rules the world'. Still, we've all had our moments and I guess it's all part of 'growing up in public' like I did.

Apart from that, I do enjoy looking back at these clips. They bring back so many good memories. Floating on that love heart at the thermal springs in Iceland and cutting my foot open when I jumped off it one day (I was in agony throughout all the dancing scenes, but tried not to show it). And then there was the dancing in that silver flashing kaleidoscope thing in 'Let this feeling' & suffering a short epileptic fit from the strobes. No seriously, I did have a lot of fun doing these videos. For instance, I loved doing the the flying scenes on the Andrew Logan Pegasus sculpture & enjoyed working with my dear friend Matthew Glamorre who directed the 'Let this feeling' video.

Matthew organized some brilliantly bizarre club nights (I guess he still does) & we hang out quite a lot back then. Here are some of my favorite Matthew Glamorre memories:

1. Going to several spiritual sites in England with Matthew and some friends (the Goddess day trip), with Matthew Dressed up as a rainbow for the occasion. We got some funny looks at the motorway restaurants and petrol stations that day ; )

2. Watching men in business suits breakdancing at one of his clubnights

3. Sitting down on the dance floor, playing 'pass the parcel' that same night

4. Matthew's various theme parties in London brothels

5. Andrew Logan's 50th Birthday party, which we all celebrated whilst shooting waterguns at each other

6. Some other strange day trip Matthew had organized where a mix of extravagant dressed-up Londoners loaded themselves into a double-decker bus and went for a picnic in the country side (doing games like the egg & spoon race and the 3-legged race).

Hmmm....I did have a lot of fun with him. Guess I should try and get back in touch & see how he is. Anyway, I'm starting to ramble. Enjoy my little moments of pop:

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