Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Oh my GusGus!

The weird and wonderful Icelandic collective GusGus is at it again. They started out an arty supergroup in the 90s, with roughly ten members, including a former male model, a pilot & a mish-mash of the some of the finest in Reykjavík's art scene; actors, singers, photographers, etc. Some left, others came, the band faced bankruptcy along the way & through it all they continued to make great music.

Does anyone know if their stage shows are still as visually exciting as they once were? If you've seen them live in last few years, please let me know what they are up to on stage these days.


Mark said...

their track 'david' was soooo ahead of it's time, and sat in the middle of the wrong album!

mad and beautiful band though.

Fil said...

Great to know you still remember these people, Simone!
I've always loved their Polydistortions album, which I discovered through PZ and COZ back in '97. Lots of cool singles and vids by those guys.. and you used to play them all on your amazing show! :-)
In my view, they were a bit edgier back in those days than they are now. Still, I'm sure that catching them live must be one hell of a cool experience!