Thursday, June 07, 2007

Paul McCartney's mess-up

Oops! Hundreds of sold copies of Paul McCartney's new album 'Memory almost full' will not be eligible for the UK chart. Sir Paul's 21st solo album (!) was released on the newly formed Starbucks label Hear Music, but now it turns out that the 533 Starbucks stores in the UK are not registered with the Official Chart Company, so all the albums sold at those stores will not count towards the charts. Major Oops!

'Memory almost full' will still make it into the charts through the sales on the high-street stores and downloading services, but even so, I assume that McCartney will be well annoyed with Starbucks for this mess-up. Maybe the chain should have stuck with what they do best...making coffee.

I have always been a huge Beatles fan and in my MTV days I had hoped to meet Paul McCartney (obviously, it was no longer possible to meet my real hero John Lennon), but the closest I got was meeting Ringo Starr (the boring Beatle) and watching George Harrison go into Jools Holland's house, who lived across the road from us.

Oh well, I guess Paul McCartney will just be added to the stars I haven't met yet. This list of 'want to meet but haven't yet' also includes The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beasty Boys & Stevie Wonder. I think that apart from these I have pretty much met everyone I wanted to meet when I was at MTV. So I didn't do too bad. Shame that so many stars were a let-down though. I'll have to dig into my (rather bad) memory and blog about many of those meetings in the coming months or so.