Sunday, June 08, 2008

Elton John's mansion as rehab center?

Who need Betty Ford when there is Sr. Elton John's mansion to go to? Elton has often reached out to troubled stars after having battled his own addiction demons in the past. He once tried to rescue Robbie Williams and persuaded him to go into rehab. He also invited Britney Spears and Amy Winehouse to his mansion and, most recently, Lily Allen.

Wild child Lily, with her new pink hairdo, has been flying off the rails a tat lately. The latest proof, of course, the fact that she had to be carried out of the Glamour magazine Women of the year awards earlier this week. She was incredibly drunk & can't remember much of the night, apart from collapsing and being stranded without her bag or house keys.

Now, celebrities reaching out to eachother is nothing new. Britney has been given a helping hand by Mel Gibson and his wife recently (they even went on holiday to Costa Rica together). Amy Winehouse has been hanging out at Brian Adams' Caribbean pad & rock diva Tina Turner also reached out to Amy Winehouse in the wake of her recent troubles.

I myself received lectures in the past by Boy George and Steven Tyler, back in the days when I was a bit of a wild child too, but I obviously never sunk deep enough to be invited for a retreat at a superstar's mansion ; )

So, celebrity boys and girls, if you want to go and chill at one of Sr. Elton John's mansions, make sure you go out and misbehave in public. Get trashed and recoup in style.

Oh, and I read some weird report that Steven Tyler is now in rehab himself to recoup from an operation on his foot or toe or something. He said he wanted to go somewhere where he could rest completely and not be bothered by anyone. for toe problems? That's just plain weird.