Thursday, July 31, 2008

Gnarls Barkley's 'Who's gonna save my soul'

Here is the latest release of 'The odd couple' album: 'Who's gonna save my soul'.

By the way, I am baffled by the lack of success of their previous single 'Going on'. I thought it was brilliant and expected it to become huge. But somehow it just never took off properly.

Oh, and how annoying is it to hear certain people in the press talking about Gnarls Barkley being a one-hit wonder? I mean, come on, what a load of crap. I know they haven't (yet) matched the success of 'Crazy', but I am sure they will as they are so bloody talented. Danger Mouse is such a shit hot producer, which he has proved over the years, not only with all these great Gnarls Barkley tunes but also with (amongst other things) the 'Demon days' album that he produced for Gorillaz.

And Cee-lo? Jeez, that man can sing. But then, the world has known that for many years too. So surely these guys are gonna end up having another worldwide number one hit again some day, some how. Right? They will have to do it soonish though as they have said that they will only make one more album together.

So will this be the track that will do it? To be honest, I don't actually think so. But then, I've been wrong before. It surely should get an award for having the weirdest video ever. I mean, with a blood dripping heart singing into a broccoli? Ever seen anything that insane? Enjoy....