Friday, July 04, 2008

Oasis change the title of their upcoming album because of Geri Halliwell

Oasis changed the title of their new album after realising it shared its name with a Geri Halliwell song.

The rockers’ forthcoming seventh studio LP was originally due to be called 'Bag It Up’ until Noel Gallagher’s long-term girlfriend realised she had heard the title before. The guitarist revealed to MOJO magazine: 'My girlfriend said, 'Bag It Up’, isn't that a song by Geri Halliwell?’ I was like, 'You’ve ruined my entire f***ing year.’ '

Noel also revealed the band can’t remember some of the songs they recorded in the sessions for the album, which is now titled 'Dig Out Your Soul’. He explained: 'I was doing the Electric Proms with The Coral, who had recorded at my studio. They’d had a sneaky listen to our new stuff so singer James Skelly asks me, 'Are you going to do 'Soldier On’? 'I don’t remember it. Turns out Andy Bell recorded it with Liam – but Liam still doesn’t remember it.'

The band recently recruited Robbie Williams’ former drummer Chris Sharrock – and Noel admits he couldn’t resist the chance to hire his rival’s former employee. Noel said: 'It was too much of a temptation to p**s Robbie and Liam off in one phone call.'

'Dig Out Your Soul’ is released on October 6. Geri Halliwell released 'Bag It Up’ in 2000, scoring her third solo number one in the UK singles chart.