Sunday, July 20, 2008

Spoon, Harris and Obernik video, Baditude

The trio of Spoon, Harris & Obernik already had more than enough respective club credibility to their names before teaming up for what quickly became one of Pete Tong’s Essential New Tunes in ‘Baditude’.

Massive party tune, average vid....

BTW, I really wanted to post MGMT's 'Electric feel' on this blog too, but they won't allow you to embed it. How crap! Do have a look at it on Utube. It's a fantastic video and very cool track.


Anonymous said...

Simone, show us how you sing.
Post a video with your live performance.

Anonymous said...

hi simone

I just stumbled over your blog and I wanted to send out some love to u. u've been a huge inspiration for me back in the day of MTV partyzone.
please hit me up on myspace:
I would love to exchange some messages with you

until then
have a nice one

mavin from berlin

Anonymous said...

hi simone
i just stubled across your blog. wonderful! you've been such a huge inspiration for me back in the day of the party zone. I would love to get in touch with you.
maybe you can hit me up on myspace?

big love from berlin