Sunday, August 24, 2008

James Hyman's latest adventure, providing music for Guy Ritchie's 'RocknRolla'

He's been Guy Ritchie's musical advisor before and he's provided him with the opening track for his new movie yet again (I'm talking about my old Partyzone director James Hyman). The track is Blackstrobe's 'I'm a man'. The movie 'RocknRolla' will be out on September the 5th.


Anonymous said...

There was a story about how Simone got lost on the streets of Berlin dressed only in a bathrobe. She was there for the Love Parade, with a crew to shoot the event, but everything totally failed. When she went back to London her boss said: "Simone, never do that again!"

Simone said...

Who are you anonymous? And how come you know about that story? Were you there with me?

My God that was an insane 24 hours. Very funny though.

Sex, drugs & MTV! (that will be the title of my book one day ; )

xxx Simone