Tuesday, August 05, 2008

N.E.R.D. 'Spaz'

I really enjoyed the BBC Live Lounge performance that N.E.R.D. did recently, even though you had to see the clip of it to fully realize that it was indeed a live performance. Their live version of 'Everybody nose' (All the girls standing in the line for the bathroom) was so slick it just didn't seem 'live' at all. But it just shows what perfectionist these guys are.

Pharrell Williams, of course, will now go into history for being the man who made Madonna cry, as he was producing tracks for her for her 'Hard Candy' album. Apparently she didn't understand what he was trying to make her do rhythmically on a track and when he told her off again for doing it wrong, she burst out crying. But, as I told you in an earlier blog posting, I am sure that most her producers have seen her cry at some point or another as she is rather hysterical. I already told you that I saw her throw a wobbler to William Orbitz before.

Anyway, of their 'Seeing sounds' album, here is the vid for 'Spaz'.


trevi said...

leuke lip dub.
groetjes robbert

Simone said...

Fun family. I wish my kids had cousins : (

I like their dancing clip even more though....