Friday, September 26, 2008

LP33 TV to launch soon!

There is a great new site/service to be launched for musicians and music fans alike. It's called LP33 TV and the following clip will explain-in short- what they are all about. In a way, it's what MySpace should have been. I'm not saying that I don't like MySpace, but it's rather limited compared to what these guys offer to new artists (And with the hordes of small labels and new artists leaving MySpace and MySpace music, I am not alone in saying that)

If only services like these had existed when I was a young girl...I wouldn't have had to stand outside record company buildings with my tape in hand, demanding to see an A&R person. I used to find the record company addresses on the back of record sleeves (really showing my age here) and kept taking the ferry to England from Holland & stayed at youth hostels whilst I attempted to get seen by someone at these labels.

It took me years of being laughed at, running out of money and returning to Holland again and again. I was always told to just leave my tape at reception and that they would pass it on to A&R which I always refused. I knew that they had to see 'the whole package' to understand what I was all about.

When I was finally let in to a record company building I was forced to sing right there and then in the offices by Tom Watkins, who was the manager of the Pet Shop Boys, Bros and later East 17. By lack of a microphone, I just sang into an empty coke bottle & was signed on the spot (this was before I joined MTV), which just proves that perseverance does pay off.

So what I am trying to say is that I understand what it feels like to be a young artist who wants to show the world what you can do & how frustrated it is to not always get the platform that you want. Well...this is that platform!