Monday, September 29, 2008

No Led Zepelin tourdates! And why old rockers should not hit on young girls!

I just saw an article on Robert Plant. On how he denies that there will be Led Zeppelin tour dates even though some people are already selling (fake) tickets for these events.

Anyway, I looked at his picture and thought 'Oh yuk, that's that old rocker that once hit on me at the Countdown studios in Holland'. I was so grossed out at the time. All I kept thinking was 'this guy could be my dad, maybe even my granddad'. I knew he'd been in some legendary band, but wasn't even sure which one it was. I've just never been into Led Zeppelin or any of these other old rock bands.

It's funny actually, how often you meet famous people when you're in the public eye yourself without you recognizing them. I remember the first time Bryan Adams came up to me backstage at the MTV Awards and said 'Hi, I'm Bryan'. I just went 'Okay, hi Bryan' and walked on. It was much later when it dawned on me who just shook my hand.

And the same thing with this Robert Plant guy. It's only now that I look at him again that I realize where I met him before.

But anyway, old rockers should not be hitting on young girls...full stop! It's disgusting. Just because someone has made good music doesn't make him any less of a dirty old man.
Oh, and when I'm talking of dirty old men, I don't actually mean Bryan Adams. He is a total gentleman. He just ended up in this story somehow ; )


Fil said...

Oh, here we go, finally someone who DARES admit to not liking - or having ever liked - Led Zeppelin and the likes.
For some reason, it happens to be one of those things that "can't" be said. Whenever I try and explain why I'm not into that sort of stuff, people go like: "What?!? And you think you like good music?".
Well, I guess they'll just never understand. And I bet there are less people who actually like this sort of mummy-rock than it seems. Most of them probably just feel cool praising these bands.

Anyway Simone, great to see you've always got your own opinion. Sometimes I wonder how you can be that clever! You've got THE VISION (don't ask me what it is, but it sounds good to me)! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Do men still flirt with you today?