Monday, October 13, 2008

Katy Perry to host the MTV Europe Music Awards

She was invited to snog Lindsey Lohan at the (US) MTV Awards recently, which she declined. But now she has accepted something much better (for her). Hosting the MTV Europe Music Award.

A huge honour for someone who has only had one hit. And, I think, quite a risk for MTV Europe. But there you go. This is what MTV does nowadays. Unpredictable, crazy stunts around the Award Shows. Like getting the unknown (in the US) British comedian Russell Brand to host the (US) MTV Awards. Rick Astley being nominated 17 years after his last hit, Britney making a 'comeback' without even doing anything...

And now this, getting the girl who 'kissed a girl' to host one of the biggest Award shows of the year.

Will she do a good job? That's anyone's guess. Will she still be famous in two years time? Again...anyone's guess. My personal guess is no. I don't think Katy Perry will enjoy a long-lasting career, because starting out with a novelty record is normally the best way to begining and ending a career faster than you can say 'one-hit wonder'. I mean, does anyone expect that -in a few years time- she will be remembered for anything more than kissing a girl? Judging by her follow-up, the odds of her becoming a one-hit wonder are even greater.

So, would I choose a possible one-hit wonder to host the Awards? No. But then, I disagree with many of the decisions that MTV makes these days. Does it get them good press coverage? You bet. So in that way, MTV has already won. Who cares what people say after the Awards? As long as you wet the audience's appetites before each up-coming show, they will watch. And in the end, it's all about those precious viewing figures.

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B-sting said...

Perhaps MTV just realised that an awards show isn't about awards at all. Let's be honest, how often does it happen there's a bunch of artists in a category at the one who wins it isn't the one who deserves it most, in your view?

Awards shows, no matter what voting system is behind it are biased and unfair: some one's favourite is going to win and that means other people will be pissed their favourite doesn't or isn't even nominated.

For instance if you ask a bunch of teenagers what the best film ever was, I'm sure they won't come up with Citizen Kane. Film critics will boo them. If those same film critics pick (for instance) Citizen Kane, the kids will say they are snobby and wonder why Batman isn't on that list.

So, perhaps MTV has decided that it's better to give a big show with lots of controversy and attention, rather than give out srious prizes for serious people who make seriously good music. Can you really blame them for trying to make entertaining television?

Let my illustrate my point with one final example. Which would you think the audience would rather watch: Coldplay politely accepting an award without incident or a Van Halen reunion bashing each others skull in with a moonman statue? We all remember when Courtney Love crashed Madonna's interview at the VMA's, but can we remember if Lenny Kravitz ever even got an award?