Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Please tell me that this is not (the full extend of) Obama's musical taste!

Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel are set to play a gig on the 16th of October in New York in support of Barack Obama, with the senator himself attending the show. Bruce Springsteen will also be performing this saturday for Obama at a rally in Philadelphia.

But how boring is that? Couldn't the line-up be spiced up a tat with someone younger, more current, more exciting?

Come on! I always thaught Barack Obamam was so (in Eddy Izzard's words) 'groovy'. Well, there's nothing groovy about Springsteen or Joel.

And it's not like Barack is not being supporting by tons of really cool acts. So, sort it out Barack! Get a better line-up. Your VP is already dull as hell, don't allow the music at your rallies to be that too.