Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Take That starting a fight with Oasis?

Clever boys! Take That have said that 'Oasis just stand around and sing', telling people that their gigs will be way more exciting than those of the old rockers. Regardless of whether they mean it or not, it's a good tactic of the old boyband.

It shouldn't be too hard to ruffle Noel and Liam's feathers, so let's wait for the retaliation. It should give Take That tons of press right before the release of their new album 'Circus' (1/12/08). And I assume press coverage is exactly what they were after when they made those comments.

Howard Donald said: 'There’s a totally different energy to the two shows. We’re all about the spectacle, putting on an amazing show for the fans, with lots of high energy and dancing. 'Oasis are great - if you just want to see a band stand still and sing. They have a different kind of energy.'

Mark Owen added that, if finances were an issue for people and if they had to pick one gig over the other, they should go and see Take that play live and not Oasis.

Of course, these are silly comments. If Oasis did a dance routine the crowd would die laughing & if Take That stood onstage looking moody and playing guitar, there would be a lot of angy punters as well.

It's just provocation, isn't it? And who better to provoke then the Oasis boys.

I can just imagine the brainstorming session of their press department: 'We need to get the guys a ton of press for their new album, how shall we go about it? Are there any saucy secrets we can spill? Any of the Take that boys breaking up with their partner? Any of them sleeping with someone else famous? Are they in a fight with anyone? What can we do?'

After some silence in the room, a genius shouts: 'Just let them insult Oasis and we will have an instant celebrity deathmatch with some great moronic soundbites from Noel and Liam'

Brilliant idea!

So, let's wait and see what Noel will say about Take that now. It should be entertaining! Watch this space....