Saturday, November 29, 2008

Still available as free download: the new Prodigy single!

Invaders must die is the name of the new album from the Prodigy and the title track will be available as a free download from their site for a few more days. Don't miss it!

I have to admit, for a while I felt like Liam had 'lost himself' somehow and I wasn't as crazy about the stuff he had done in the last few years (I also have to admit that I haven't heard everything he has done in these last years. Maybe I missed a gem somewhere)

But anyway, if he did lose himself for while, he's back now! And so are the Prodigy! What a top tune. Can't wait to hear to hear the whole album. This is what they are all about. Gritty, dark, intense dance music that just blows your head off. And I can already imagine them onstage with this track.

Having seen thousands of live performances over the years, I think that Prodigy are the best live act ever!!!!! And- of course- also the best dance act ever!!! (anyone disagree with me on that one?)

Good to have you back, old Braintree posse.

Obviously, I have many good memories of the Prodigy as I used to spend a lot of time with them. I'll share some of my favorites in the coming days.



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Hi Simone,

On behalf of Cooking Vinyl Records, Take Me To The Hospital and The Prodigy, many thanks for plugging "Invaders Must Die" (street date 2nd March) ... .. thanks, also, on behalf of the labels and artist for not posting any pirate links to unreleased / unauthorised (studio) material and (as you’ve already mentioned), if you / your readers want good quality, non-pirated, preview tracks, the title-track "Invaders Must Die" is currently available for free d'loading off the band's site at and fans and bloggers are welcome to link to / post / host this exclusive preview ... .. check-out the artist's MySpace and for info on "Invaders Must Die" and the band's 2008/09 shows ... .. You can also view Prodigy videos at ... .. and, for details of further preview material and pre-release promotions, keep an eye on these official sources.

Thanks again for your plug.



Kris said...

Are you still in Holland?
When will you go back to Aruba?
We miss your regular blogging.

Simone said...

Hi Kris,

I'm sorry for the lack of regular blogging lately. Life kinda 'got in the way'. But I will devote more time to blogging again soon. I promise.

We're back in Aruba & are preparing to move house. I am also working on a tv-show proposals with a Dutch production company. If anything comes of that my blog readers will be the first to know.

In the meantime, thanks for the support.

Yours tropically, Simone