Tuesday, January 27, 2009

2009 remix of Storm's 'Time to burn'

Big up to the power and interconnectedness of the Internet! I blogged about the 2009 remake of ‘King of my castle’ and got a personal ‘thank you’ note through MySpace from the man responsible for the remix, Rowald Styen.

And now he has contacted me again to tell me about his latest adventure, a 2009 remix of Storm’s ‘Time to burn’.

As I watched the Utube clip, I got so bloody excited. I try not to swear these days (all part of becoming a mum, I guess ; ) but throughout hearing the tune, I couldn’t stop myself from saying: ‘F*****g hell...F*****g hell’, whilst grinning from ear to ear.

This is the kind of track that can always re-ignite my passion for dance music. As I hear it, I am transported back into a club, hands in the air, shaking my head in disbelieve at the giganticness of this tune. Big up! Of course, the original was already fantastic and gigantic, but I always found that there were a few moments where the track crossed from being accessible to being a bit cheesy and even other mixes that have come out since have not been able to remove that occassionally cheesy feel. Rowald Steyn, in my opinion, is the first person who’s managed to do that.

I am also happy to hear Mark Spoon’s legacy carried forward. I always worried for him and his wild partying ways and, sadly enough, it was a fear that turned out not to be unfounded. He died of a suspected heart attack in 2006. Rest in my peace, my friend!

Mark Spoon, by the way, was at the heart of my infamous ‘wandering around the streets of Berlin in a dressing gown’ incident. I’m not sure if I have ever shared that story yet. It’s a bit of a mad one.

Anyway, check out this 2009 mix of ‘Time to burn’...


Fil said...

Thanks for sharing this one with us! It seems that all classic dance tracks get remixed/revamped these days.

I can't believe it's already been 9 years since the orignal "Time To Burn" came out. I still remember watching this video for the first time on Hitlist UK back when Cat Deeley hosted it.

Anyway, I totally agree with you! Although I've liked the original ever since I first heard it, somehow I've always thought it sounds a bit cheesy (kinda like in a "farty" way) before it reaches the end. :-)
Still, massive track though.

By the way, big up Jam & Spoon for releasing loads of ace tracks. Their finest must be "Stella '99-'92 - How Stella Got Her Groove Back".
Very fresh, very summery, very PZ.

Anonymous said...

Agree with you both, it rocks!