Friday, January 30, 2009

My predictions were right (this time)

When I blogged about that BBC shortlist for 2009, I wrote about which artists I had the highest hopes for. My top 3 was Frankmusik with '3 little words', Lady Gaga with 'Just dance' & Kid Cudi with 'Day 'n Night'.

It turns out that I picked the most succesful ones off that list as Lady Gaga's 'Just dance' is currently holding the UK number 1 spot and Kid Cudi is right behind her at number 2 with 'Day 'n Night'. I'm not quite sure how Frankmusik is doing, but I still stick to my guns on that one too. I think it's a great track. Maybe it will pop up again in the future (becoming part of a commercial, movie or something along those lines)

The official winner of the BBC's list was Little boots. Who, I think, is not bad, but not the best of that list.

Anyway, I already told you before...I also do miss the mark sometimes. But it feels good when you get it right : )

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Eurodance Blog said...

Because is in your blood to smell the hits:)
Lady Gaga is not on my fav artist i prefer this hot blonde girl from Sweden.... why ?? because of that
can't sing!! but she don't have the army of people who promote her like Madonna or Lady Gaga... you will hate for what i will say it but... Lady Gaga is Lady Gaga an artist on the wave with an army of producers behind like Madonna too, thank good that are background vocalists !!
I don't have a problem with them are ok...
But i want to see and the girls who can sing not Barbie dolls...

Have a nice day and a great weekend!!