Thursday, February 12, 2009

Chris Brown versus Rihanna

It's been a rather shocking case, hasn't it? Chris Brown battering Rihanna in his car on their way to the Grammy's the other night. She apparently suffered a black eye, bloody nose, scratch-marks/bite-marks on her arms, plus it has been suggested that Chris Brown had tried to choke her and had threatened her that he was going to kill her.

The police officers who took pictures of Rihanna onsite said that her injuries were 'a devastating proof of abuse'. Chris Brown fled the scene. But has since 'spoken' on his Facebook page, saying that Rihanna will now start to show her real colours (which ones does he mean? The bruises he added to her face?) and he has changed his relationship status to 'single'.

Chris Brown has revealed in the past that his mother used to get beaten by his stepdad and that witnessing that abuse had scared him. Chris Brown obviously needs help. He is a young, talented guy with so much going for him, but this is going to destroy his life if he doesn't make changes now and digs deep within himself to the root of the problem.

He needs to appologies to Rihanna and to the rest of the world (seeing as the world is watching this case). He needs to admit that beaten a woman is always wrong, no matter how much she annoys you. Just like, as a parent, I am NEVER in my right to beat my children, and believe you me...they often annoy the hell out of me! You just don't beat someone up. Especially not someone who is physically weaker than you (so if he wants to enter the ring with some world champion female fighter & she agrees to the fight...then that's okay, as far as I am concerned)

Chris Brown's family also have to realize that by sticking up for his actions, they are not helping him. They need to admit that he was wrong for beating her, or he will continue to believe that his actions could somehow be justified.

And Rihanna could take this (awful) opportunity and use it in a possitive way. If she shows strength and determination to walk away from this, and all other, abuse relationships in her life, she could function as a rolemodel for the millions of women and children (and in a few cases men) out there who are victims of domestic abuse. Please Rihanna...take a stand! Speak out about this and get the help that you need.


café paris said...

I love Chris Borwn, he is cute ;-)

salem said...

It's very interesting and funny!