Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson is dead

What a shock! Michael Jackson has died of a cardiac arrest. Shit! How sad, how weird.
Was it because of the pressure of the 50 'This is it' tourdates that were nearing? Did it suddenly dawn on him what that really meant? And was that when his heart stopped? Would he have been able to do these dates in the first place? I never thought the concerts were going to happen (as I said in a BBC worldservice interview at the time), but never expected it all to end like this. This really is so sad.

And the aftermath of his life is going to be as messy, chaotic and bizarre as his life ever was. Quite possibly, even worse.

Of course, there are his three children, kids who were given up at birth by their (money-grabbing) mothers & who have spend their lifes behind masks or with bags over heads. I guess we'll get to see their faces now? How messed up are these kids going to be? And where will they go? Will their birth-mothers come back out of the woodworks now and claim them and their (possible) inheritance? Or will they go to someone in the Jackson family?

What is going to happen to the many courtcases, debts, etc. that were still largely undealt with? What will happen to Neverland? What will happen to the Beatles back- catalogue? Will it really be returned to Sr. Paul McCartney, like Michael had recently suggested? He had said that after his death, all rights would be returned to McCartney.

Will lots of people (including some of the young boys who had sleep-overs at his house) now come out with their revelations & memoirs?

And finally, what is going to happen to all the people who bought tickets for any of his 50 concert dates? Will they get their money back? And who'll pay for all the expenses made so far?

What a mess. I can't think of any star who has ever left behind such a widespread chaos to be dealt with.

But, as Larry King just said about Michael Jackson: 'It was hard to like him, but it was also hard not to like him'.

And no one can deny...a legend has just passed. May he rest in peace & may those around him find some peace in the end too (I'm afraid that this will take much, much longer)