Thursday, October 12, 2006

My favorite site this week!

I stumbled across an amazing blog. It's called Cliptip & it shows brilliant, high quality music videos. As a matter of fact, I've been coming across so many fantastic videos online. My God, if only there were that many great (dance) clips around back in the Partyzone days. We used to have to scramble around looking for half-decent videos to show and used to have to beg labels to please consider making them.

Very frustrating. Now all this great stuff is out there & now MTV only plays these stupid reality TV shows. I don't get it...

I mean, it's fine that you can find great clips online, but I really like the ease of having music videos playing in the background whilst I get on with my life. Am I showing my age here? Am I just not getting it?

And by the way, does anyone knows what would happen if I started to grab music videos off other sites and posted them here? Would I get sued?

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ThermoMan said...

Hi Simone,

you are showing you age, but so am I,
since i agree with you ;-)

Those videos are quite good!

I'm very pleased to see that you're uploading all sorts of vintage Partyzone material, by the way.

Put the fun back into the music, people!