Friday, November 10, 2006

Email from Ray Cokes!

I've been trying to get hold of Ray Cokes for ages now & am happy to report that I am finally back in contact with him. He's doing well and is promising me an update on his life to post here soon.

In the meantime, I am bugging him to start a daily vlog (video blog). Wouldn't he be brilliant at that? I'd watch it. I can just see Ray do silly stuff like this:

To see what other Vlogs are out there, check out the Vloggies Awards website & Rocketboom (just as one example of a daily vlog). I love all this stuff.


James said...

Simone, you HAVE to persuade him to do that - it would be incredible to see Ray back!

Great blog, by the way - makes me feel so old, used to watch you on MTV back when we were students. Where did the time go?

robin said...

that sure would be excellent if he had a weblog or better videoblog. I luckely still have some old material on dvd (from old tapes)..

Gaz.Baz said...

i am a huge ray cokes fan and miss the old days of mtv europe so much,this would be brilliant to see

i also have old episodes of most wanted on dvd which i love to watch

Robin if you see this or anyone with episodes that they might swop or sell with me please contact me at

Gaz.Baz said...

and it would show those tv bosses in
the uk what they are really missing


Beate A said...

I found Ray Cokes on MySpace by chance not too long ago. From his blog over there, seems like he's doing fine. He's even posted songs on there. He's at