Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Great party tune

The Rapture, with 'Whoo!Alright, Yeah...Uh, Huh!' of the album 'Pieces of the people we love'.

I know that some of the tracks on the album where produced by Gnarls Barkley member and Gorillaz producer Danger Mouse, but am not quite sure if this was one of them.

And by the way, I love the band's bio on their website: 'Origin of the band. The Rapture. Formed in San Diego, moved to New York, slept under a bridge. More to follow...'

Well, that's indepth. A bit like this blog, really ; )

Oh and talking of Danger Mouse, I love how he went around British record stores replacing 500 copies of Paris Hilton's album 'Paris' last summer with spoofs albums with altered artwork and a 40 minute instrumental that contained various ridiculous statements by Paris.

I think that's funny. Admitting...she is an easy target, with plenty of dumb statements to choose from. Still, I'd love to hear what Mouse's version of 'Paris' sounds like.

And, I hate to admit it, but Paris' music debut actually quite surprised me. Her voice is not bad. I mean, she's totally unoriginal, with the video for 'Stars are blind' being a total re-enactment of that old Madonna video (damn, what was the name of that track again? That black and white video where she was plashing around in the sea with a mermaid boy and kept flexing her muscles...you know which one I mean?)

And when I first heard 'Stars are blind' I though it was a new Gwen Stefani track. Oops!

And, whilst we're on that subject, here's Gwen's 'Sound of Music' moment. Very weird indeed. I can't quite decide whether I like it's quirkiness or whether this is just too stupid for words. I think I'll stay on the fence until the track either grows on me or until it makes me want to pull my hairs out. I'll get back on that some day...


Unknown said...

Hey Simone, think it was Banksy who did the Paris Hilton stunt.. no matter, very funny!!

My bet is that you'll find the Stefani track annoying within 3 days.!

Unknown said...

Ah.. just googled it (should have done that before leaving a comment... sorry). Seems they worked together. :o)