Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I can't believe it, Utube has banned several of my clips. My music videos, my interview on Harald Schmidt, etc.

Why? Because of copyrights? But I'm actually the person in those clips & I personally paid for the making of those music videos (out of my royalties). So whose rights are we talking about here?

And anyway, no one would ever want to use any of these old clips again, so why can't they be posted on Utube for those few people who have an interest in being nostalgic? I mean, come on! It's so bloody greedy, this 'we're just holding on to everything until the end of time with no interest of ever using it' stuff.

I think that after x-amount of years these things should become public property and Utube could be like a public museum. But no...the big guys are not interested in sharing. All they want is money! (Sorry, I'm getting carried away here. But I just get so annoyed with these bloody corporations and their rules and regulations)

Hmmm...I'll have to get creative and find another way to get this stuff back on my blog. So watch this space.....


Mark said...

unfortunately, MTV owns them. Nowadays MTV is a pathetic, c0ked up nothing wondering why nobody watches it anymore - Let them have the clips! I much prefer your stories anyway. You must have loads more. I will give you five minutes whilst I get cosy and make myself a hot chocolate.

Fil said...

As ALWAYS, you're absolutely right, Simone! Nowadays it's (more than ever) all about the money. Big corporates are probably run by a bunch of old people who are completely out of touch with the actual state of things and don't get (younger) people's needs. Too bad. YouTube seemed to be a good source for nostalgia trips at first, but now it's slowly (or rather, quickly) turning into a crappy website with cheesy clips about young people talking to themselves in their rooms. Well, I guess things MUST change at some point, as it can't go on like this forever. Even MTV may go back to its roots when everyone will be sick of those trashy American productions. Simone, I promise you that if I ever become a programmer for MTV, I'll make sure your videos get some occasional airplay! ;-)

Simone said...

Mark, Fil, thank you both for the kind words. Your comments made me smile : )

I did read something about Viacom planning to upload old clips on to some Utube type of website. Does anyone know any more about that?

xxx Simone

Fil said...
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Fil said...

I must have read something about that too, Simone... it's just that Viacom owns plenty of useless, "general entertainment" channels, so I'm afraid their own version of YouTube won't be of any interest to the music-loving public (as far as I'm concerned, at least). Many regional MTV websites now have this thing called Overdrive where you can watch clips of MTV shows and other TINY selections of music videos, but that's nothing compared to what YouTube could have been without those ridiculous legal restrictions. Anyway, I guess that Viacom is the real problem behind all this. They have everything mixed up these days. MTV is just "one" of their several (or TOO MANY) brands, which means, for instance, that if the German Comedy Central isn't successful enough, they'll cut MTV Spain's budget.
I'm no businessman, but it looks like MTV should find a way to become independent from that messed up corporate before it's too late. :-)

Gali said...
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Gali said...

i found this blog when i looked for your video "let this feeling.."..
whice i didnt find..:(
im getting married soon and i want to put my favorite old days music that i used to like.. in the wedding..
i really like this video..
anyway.. it's funny to read your blog.. i liked mtv those days.. now it's diffrent.. music is diffrent.. i guess i just got old.. :)

Gali (Israel)

Ivica said...

Hay!!! I've finally found you :-)... I just wanna say 2U don't waste your breath on that ... for me U were an inspiration back than ... PZ was my shelter, a place of my dreams with a perfect angel as my guide ... I'm so excited to found your trace after so much time ...

Love & respect, Ico, Croatia