Sunday, June 29, 2008

Amy Winehouse punches fan

Wel, Amy Winehouse was obviously intoxicated in some form or another again last night at Glastonbury festival. Still, she was there and in true Amy Winehouse form she even took the time to punch a fan in the face. What a trooper. Not a great performance though. I wonder what she would be capable of if she was not continuesly of her head.


Amy Winehouse fan said...

Amy Winehouse gave a good set at Mandella's party but I thought her Glastonbury set was terrible in all honesty. It was drawn out and dull.
Maybe she was exhuasted.
She should focus on making a great new album now I think.
Still, better the Jay-Z!!!

Doublemadforit said...

How long can the public keep supporting Amy Winehouse? She undoubtedly has a talent but she is doing a great job of keeping it hidden. Her performance at Glasto last night was like a drunk pub singing drag act! And punching a fan....she should join her husband in jail!

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