Sunday, August 31, 2008

Another old-school dance gem! Josh Wink's 'Higher state of consciousnes'

This is one of those tracks that I had kind of forgotten about until I heard someone play it again on the radio. I nearly blew up the speakers of my car! Man, this track is still insane. It's one of those tunes where you try and dance harder and harder as the pitch raises at the end until your limps nearly fly off your body (well, that's how it feels to me anyhow; )

Funny I forgot about this though as I am even in the video (only for a second, but still...)

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Anonymous said...

Oi oi!!! I directed this vid, remember? us 'avin' it laaarge with you downing those vitamin pills etc. at Tribal Gathering. 1996 I think.

It's all about that guy (around 1.15 in the clip) gurning like a trooper and it was only around 11AM!!!

OI OI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!