Saturday, August 30, 2008

Walk your way to the MTV Europe Music Awards

From 29th October to 6 November, Sony Ericsson and MTV Networks International are inviting music lovers from across Europe to swap their dancing shoes for walking boots and win the chance to walk their way to the 2008 MTV Europe Music Awards – literally!

100 music fans, 400km, 9 days (29 Oct-6 Nov) – the Sony Ericsson MTV FanWalk will see die-hard music fans from across Europe embark on a musical pilgrimage from London to the world capital city of pop, Liverpool – in time to see the show and take part in the full MTV EMA experience.

On top of that, MTV will provide the once in a lifetime opportunity for one lucky FanWalker to present an MTV EMA live on stage in the Echo Arena, Liverpool.

If you want to become a FanWalker just log onto

"You’ll Never Walk Alone" will certainly be the anthem heard around Liverpool when the 100 FanWalkers grace the red carpet with some of the world’s most famous entertainment personalities of the past year.

And if that’s not enough, Sony Ericsson and MTV will chaperone the lucky FanWalkers to the infamous after show party to mingle with the stars!

Okay, so that the official story. Now my little addition to that....

It's a great chance for someone to be at the MTV Europe Music Awards (or EMA's). But I do have to burst your bubble about this whole 'infamous after show party where you can mingle with the stars'. Because MTV's own after-party (I'm sorry to say this) is usually pretty crap. It is full of marketing people and the sponsors with the occassional 'famous person' there. But the famous ones normally don't stay for long. Because the real after-parties are the ones thrown by the stars themselves.

And its funny, everyone is usually backstage trying to figure out who's party is going to be 'the party' to be at & it's a bit of a battle between the biggest stars as to who will be the biggest party host of the night. And then it's a case, of course, of trying getting invited to that specific party (only a select few will be allowed in). Or the other option is to party-hop. That way you'll end up at the right place eventually. Some of the biggest party hosts are usually P.Diddy, Madonna & Donatele Versaci. Funny enough, there are hardly ever any MTV people at these parties. Not even they get in.

But still...even without going to the after-show parties, it's worth trying to get the Awards themselves. So, get your walkingboots on & start marching. Good luck!

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Effie. said...

that's interesting ! so the real party isn't an official one ..but , how can i come to the official one , even if it's not the better one ?!caus' if you aren't in the first party , you'll never where is the better one .. isn't it ?