Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy 50th birthday Michael Jackson!

After all the 'hooha' of Madonna turning 50 recently, it's surprisingly quiet about Michael Jackson's 50th. So, happy birthday, self-proclaimed King of Pop/Peter Pan.

I wonder, by the way, how Michael would have looked if he hadn't be restructuring his face for all these years. Would he have had wrinkles by now? It's possible that those would have made him look more human. He just looks like an alien now, doesn't he?

Anyway, apparently he will make an appearance at the 2008 MTV Music Awards in LA on the 7th of September, where he will hand out an award with his sister Janet.

Oh, and after the earlier rumours of Britney performing at the Award ceremony, the latest is that she won't. The word is that she is 'too busy recording new material' to attend the MTV Awards. Either that, or 'her people' are too worried that she flunks another MTV comeback performance.