Friday, August 22, 2008

Article on Conde Nast's family site 'Cookie'

This just came out, a short piece on my blogging life on Cookie:

She travels, she blogs, she rocks.

If you've always suspected that MTV veejays led cooler lives than you both on and off the camera, well, you're probably right. Case in point? Simone Angel. After she left MTV Europe, she got married and had two kids, but instead of settling down in suburbia, she and her husband moved to Central America and started Belize Jungle Dome, an adventure travel company and resort. She now splits her time between Belize and her family's new home in Aruba, and you can check out her travel tips and daily adventures (like almost running over a wild goat) at Simone's Family Travel Blog. Oh yeah, she also writes a music blog and sings in a band, proving rock star dreams don't have to end with diaper duty. If living vicariously through Simone isn't enough and she inspires you to chuck it all and transfer your family to paradise, check out her moving to Belize guide.