Sunday, August 17, 2008

My BBC World service interview on Madonna's 50th birthday

This went out on the BBC World Service yesterday. Everyone has an opinion of Madonna and what it means for her to have celebrated her 50th birthday whilst still topping the worldwide charts. These are my personal thoughts on her, her music and her amazing career.

madonna interview BBC world service.mp3

By the way, before I anger any hardened Madonna fans, let me just explain why I said that 'Madonna is very clever at looking what's happening on the fringes of the music scene, taking elements of it & making it her own'.

Basically, as I was working on the Partyzone, I often saw first-hand what was happening outside the mainstream & I often saw or heard how Madonna incorporated these things into her own performances. Very clever of course, as most audiences would not know where these ideas came from and would assume they were Madonna's own creative inventions. And I bet that she surrounds herself with some hot young things who will let her know what music to listen to and which acts to watch.

Brian Adams used to attempt the same thing and would hang out with young (at the time) people like myself & would ask us all about what was hot. I would take him out occasionally and show him what was happening in London & would mention tracks for him to listen to. He never really got it though, he's too set in his ways. When he mentioned to me that another young friend had called him 'a musical dinosaur' I just giggled.

Still, he's a brilliant artist of course & a wonderful person. But he has never been really 'with it' like Madonna always has been.

I also mentioned U2 in the interview (which was edited out), as they have this same talent that Madonna has, they always have their finger on the pulse, they check out hot new acts, they get inspired & then they incorporate elements of it into their own performance. It simply is the only way to stay relevant.


Anonymous said...

Another artist who does that is Björk, dont you think? I like more Björk´s universe rather than the Madonna one but funny how similar they are and at the same time the complete opposite.

Kisses for you, Simone :)


James said...

I was going to say Bjork too but 'anonymous' got there first. Big up Bjork though for REALLY pushing the audio & visual boundaries, werid beatboxing on her last album, Chris Cunningham & Michel Gondry vids (WAY before they both became super hot shot directors).

The blog's are great Simone, keep them up!