Thursday, August 07, 2008

Latest release from The Feeling, Join with us

The Feeling definitely are one of my favorite bands. Their albums 'Twelve stops and home' and 'Join with us' are ones that I play a lot at home. I always love albums that don't seem to have a bad track on them, that work well as a whole. And music from The Feeling is the kind of stuff that is easy to play in the background as you go about your day. It doesn't intrude on your brain too much or get you edgy when life itself is rather chaotic (very important when you have a house full of hyperactive young kids, like myself)

What I do have to say though is that, as their music works so well as lovely album tracks, individual tracks don't jump out in the way that you go 'Oh My God, that track is amazing!' And so the same goes for this, their latest release.

From the Toyota advert, here is 'Join with us', set to be released on September the 22nd.


Anonymous said...

Do people still recognize you on the street? What is your reaction in such situation?

Simone said...

What happens more often is that people kinda realize that they have seen me before, but can't place where it was & then at the second meeting they go 'Now I know why you looked so are Simone from MTV!' And then we laugh at it together.