Saturday, August 09, 2008

The truth about VIP or Celebrity parties

Have you ever wondered what VIP parties and these exclusive celebrity nightclubs/bars are really like? With everybody so desperate to get into them, so you'd assume they'd be great places to be, right? Well, let me burst your bubble right here...most of them are rubbish. Honestly, so many of these places are so far from 'cool', you wouldn't believe it.

This is my theory...many celebs are not all that 'cool' or interesting to start with. Many of them would be turned back at the door of the real hot places if they did not happen to be in the limelight. I truly think that the coolest people are the ones who get picked out of the crowd outside clubs and get ushered to the front door without being famous. I ran my own club night for a while and got to decide who got in, who didn't and who would get in without paying. And you can just see who's 'got it'. Many celebs just haven't 'got it'.

So many of these celebrity clubs and bars are like school discos, but then with ridiculous price tags to them. It's like they are saying to everyone, of course we are cool, look at how expensive and exclusive we are, yet they play crap music and there is absolutely no atmosphere. Everyone is just there to pose and to see who else is there (meaning, how many famous people are there and how many they can try to casually mingle with)

To me the prime example was the old 'Brown's' nightclub. I didn't come there too often because I always thought all this VIP stuff was nonsense anyway. But this is what happened there:

First of all, you would have to get on to the guest list or arrive with someone super famous and important to get in. Then, once you were inside, you would quickly notice that most people on the ground floor were cramped together at the bottom of the stairs trying to persuade security let them onto the next level. This was because the 'VIP' room was on the next floor. Rediculous of course, as everyone was already meant to be a VIP in the first place. So anyway, once you got onto the next floor you realized that it was extremely boring there as you could hardly hear the music (the DJ and dancefloor were downstairs) and, again, you would hear everyone talk of the celebrities that were meant to be on the next floor, in the super, super VIP room. And that room was even more boring, completely shut off from the rest of the club and just with a bunch of people hovering around Madonna or Prince or whoever else happened to be there.

I used to get the impression that everyone was on edge in this place as there was always 'the next level' to get on. So people just didn't enjoy being where they were. The only person I ever saw there who just didn't give a toss was Jay Kay from Jamiroquai. He was like Peter Pan dancing with his shadow, just dancing in front of a mirror with himself all night on the ground floor.

The best 'VIP rooms' are actually just the small, cornered off parts of a good club. At least there you could enjoy the atmosphere and the music and not just be stuck in an empty room with some people who's faces you've seen on TV before.

The up-side of some VIP areas/rooms is free drinks (you either get that or over-priced drinks, so one round costs you most of your week's earnings ; ) Also, they often have more comfortable seating, little snacks on the table and you have a guaranteed spot to find back your friends in a big club.

But that's it. So, if you're a person who never got to go to any these places, please don't feel that you missed out in any way. It's all a load of crap.


PsyTox said...

well put :) The best thing about VIP is that you don't have to wait for the toilet. So, basically, it's all about shit really :p

Simone said...

Very funny and very true!