Saturday, September 20, 2008

George Michael arrested at a public toilet yet again!

George Michael recently said he wanted to give up touring to go and live a 'quieter life'. So is this what he had in mind as a quieter life? Being picked up (by police and not some handsome stranger) at another public toilet whilst in the possession of drugs?

Georgy-boy, what are you doing? Can't you give up that thrill of getting caught? Surely you can get meet cute strangers at other locations? Like your house(s)? What's up with these lavatories? Why, why why?????

I was once sitting at a dinner table with George Michael and his partner Kenny Goss. George Michael was lovely, but rather odd-looking. At first I thought that he was a fake, to be honest. He is so tiny! I had no idea. He was so small and tanned to the point where it looked bizarre.

I was rather drunk and had joined the table with Louis, who was the promoter for the Prodigy. This, by the way, was soon after George Michael's first 'public toilet arrest'. Remember that? When he was done for lewd conduct? Well, I nearly died of embarrassment when Louis stuffed his cheeks full of ice cubes and then turned to George, saying: 'George, you like it with ice?'

George and his partner were not drunk like we were that night and just smiled at us politely. God, it was embarrassing!

Oh well...I can laugh about it now ; )