Monday, September 08, 2008

What a load of toss the MTV video Awards were...

I mean, come on...Britney winning 3 awards for 'Piece of me'? Since when was that such an amazing video or track? What's going on here? Was she only willing to come if she received x-amount of awards? Did the public honestly vote for her?

Also, what's up with her thanking God and her amazing family? And mentioning her children, who 'inspire me every day'. Come on! Your mom is obviously quite a mean lady, spilling the beans on you the way she did. You see your children, what is it, once every two weeks? So how do they inspire you 'every day'? And didn't you once wear this 'promise ring' as some kind of commitment in the eyes of God to stay a virgin until marriage? Well, according to your own mother, you lied to the world and , I guess also, to God (that's why I don't think young kids should make promises like that as they are bound to fail)

I think Britney should focus on sorting her personal life out before sorting out her career. It all just seemed so warped to me.

And why was Russell Brand forced to apologize to the Jonas Brothers after joking about the 'promise rings' that they now wear too? Please! After the news that Britney's virginity was a facade, surely we can now laugh at other young popstars who say they will stay a virgin until marriage? It's all just part of their squeaky clean image, but it's a load of crap. If they haven't lost their virginity yet, they soon will with all these groupies going after them. And then? They can't suddenly go...oh, sorry everybody...but one of us had sex last night...can we hand these rings in now?

Oh, this American hypocrisy! It's just too bloody much for me!


Anonymous said...

Good morning, Simone.
Did you sleep well?

Unknown said...

indeed,what a hypocrisy...

and actually MTV is telling all the musicians, djs, producers....that it doesnt matter what ever they many people vote for good your music is...the only thing that counts is the commercial value of an artist(which in britneys case was pretty high)

This was just reintroducing of a brand..a brand named Britney (also acceptable for christian virgins) ;)

Anonymous said...

Agreed. I'm also tired of these 'Nickelodeon superstars' and all their childish crap. Very hypocritical. Too bad that the music scene is flooded with all these 4 year olds these days, I guess it's never been this bad before.
However, on a positive note, I believe Russell Brand was amazing, especially during his opening speech. Not sure how many people in the audience got him, though. I wish more presenters had his attitude.
It's weird when I think that he was hosting the Dancefloor Chart on MTV UK back in 2001! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, dear Simone! This is so Simone, I mean, this is so right! You're great, as always! I always agree with you! Your comments on Britney and the VMA and the Jonas are exactly what I think about it!
And what about Russell Brand? Ever met him? Now there are three formers VJs from MTV UK, becoming famous in the USA: Russel Brand, Tim Kash and Cat Deeley.
And MTV Dance here in Europe is currently showing repeats of MTV UK's Dance Floor Chart shows from 2001 with Russell, when he was just mad and surely under the influence of weird substances!