Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I'd like to add one more thing to my last posting...

What also disgusted me was the reaction of the press, going on about 'Britney's great come-back'. Okay, compared to the bald, psychopathic Britney that we saw a while ago...she seems to have come a long way. But she really didn't do anything that made this a great come-back. She didn't perform, she just showed up, looking pretty and said a few words on stage.

I just think that the press wanted to have an excuse to place her back on a pedestal, so that they can all knock her back off it again soon. There is no fun in continuing to kick someone when they are down, but now Britney is 'back up again'. So the witch hunt can start all over again soon. I can already hear the cheering crowds!

Do you think poor Britney is aware of this? Or does she honestly think that the whole world loves her again? Does she think the wolves have gone now? If her own demons haven't, the wolves will be out waiting until all her sadness, pain and confusion start to show again.

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alex said...

I think she is aware, but not completely. She is basically a victim of her mother, which has made a money machine out of Britney. And now they want more, so here's a relaunch, just like it's made for a tv channel, or a shop.