Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New Kids on the Block live performance at HMV

I love the fact that the old boybands have been enjoying such great come-backs. Of course, Take That have done amazingly well & The New Kids on the Block are not doing too bad either. I have met both bands (repeatedly) over the years and they were all just wonderful.

NKOTB were commenting about how shocked they have been by the reaction from younger kids to their new music. They had expected, for instance, that mainly the old fans would come and see them perform & they could not believe how many young screaming fans they encountered.

I once stood on a stage with the boys somewhere in Germany and experienced first-hand what it looks like to see thousands of hysterical fans in front of you. It is freaky! I remember one girl was screaming and pulling her own hair out of her head & tons of girls in the crowd were both screaming and crying at the same time.

I saw girls jumping in front of and on top of their driving car, I saw girls trying to climb up the drainpipes to get to their hotel rooms, I saw untold amounts of hyperventilating and collapsed girls at their gigs, it was total insanity.

Marky Mark (Mark Wahlberg) was supporting the band at that time and one time when we were in his hotel room he said 'You want to see something funny? Come...'

I followed him to the large window, he opened the curtains & there were thousands of fans outside looking up at him. He then grabbed me, pushed me up to the window and pretended to be kissing me. The crowd went nuts!!!!

We quickly closed the curtain again and laughed about it.

Anyway...I'm happy the 'boys' are enjoying renewed success. Oh, and clever use of sunglasses during this gig. That way no one can see their wrinkles ; )


Anonymous said...

Did you have sex in that hotel room?

Anonymous said...

did you have to say wrinkles? Come on..they are in their 30's...everyone in their 30's has wrinkles. Maybe it had something to to with jet lag? Probably.

Simone said...

About the sex comment...stop your warped mind!

And the wrinkles...I can relate. I'm in my thirties too. Still, as long as they ae laughing lines : )

And of course the irony is in their name...New Kids on the Block...they are not new anymore, nor are they kids.