Friday, October 03, 2008

My first LP33 playlist

Here is my current pick of favorite LP33 artists and tracks (I've made a few slight changes)

More to come. Big up to all these great new artists!

By the way, after several days of first hearing all these tracks for the first time, I have decided that my favorite is 'Bastard' by 'Tough love'. The reason being that I can't get the damn track out of my head. Especially the first two lines 'Life's a bastard & so am I. Life's a bastard and then you die'. The melody is so bloody catchy...I'm sure it would work well if it got the right backing, radio airplay, etc. On top of that, 'Tough love' are an interesting looking band. Kinda steampunk in a way. Has anyone heard of them? (outside of London?) Have they had a general release?

I also do love 'Daddy's gun' and the band 'Fin'. Although for some reason my favorite track of Fin, called 'Broken circuits' has been taken off the PL33 site. I hope they put it back on soon (it's very Radiohead, I'll post it if it comes back on)

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