Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Oxjam has started

Oxjam is billed as 'the biggest music festival in the world'. It basically is a ton of different events all over the UK that are in support of the charity Oxfam (and anyone can get involved)

From their website:

Oxjam is a music festival with a difference. Each year thousands of music-lovers like you get involved, all across the UK, to raise money for Oxfam. The next Oxjam kicks off in October 2008. We're asking musicians, promoters - in fact, everyone - to get together to make music, raise money and help end poverty. You don't need a big venue - the beauty of Oxjam is that hundreds of small events make one huge party. And you make it happen. Sound good? Sign-up to get involved where you live and your local Oxjam volunteer team will be in touch pronto with support and advice.

Oxjam is about raising money for Oxfam to tackle poverty all over the world. Supporting Oxjam helps people to earn a living; to get an education; health care; fresh water; and to grow more food. Every pound you raise counts.