Saturday, November 15, 2008

Gym Class Heroes feat. Estelle, Guilty as charged

Gym Class Heroes and Estelle, you almost can't go wrong there. They are both great acts and together they are also great. No surprises.

The vid is a bit of a 'Sabotage' throw-back, but fitting to the style of the tune. Still, when you put both the videos together I think that 'Sabotage' is the better one. Hands down! Not only because it was the first video of its kind, but also because it has a natural sense of humour that this Gym Class one lacks. The Beasty Boys are just naturally funny.

But what do you think?

Regardless of which vid is the better one though, it's a good tune.


Anonymous said...

beasty boys rocks!

Eurodance Blog said...

Wow Simone Double Wow!!
I didn't know that u release some few eurodance tracks.. right now i watch Let this feeling .. Your voice is very simililar with Franca Morgano Magic Affair!
Congrats!! Hugs


Eurodance Blog said...

Simone On Eurokdj >

Take care

Eurodance Blog said...

Simone i have a news for you i know is not a dance news like you love:)
But is better the band Gun's roses are back the new album will be released on 23th November for sure.. not rumors...:) Let's hope that this time Axl Rose will do this release ... more infos here

Take care