Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What the f***?

Can you imagine being Michael Jackson's child? Living with a bag over your head? (when you go out) This seems like child-abuse to me. But maybe I'm the weird one?

Surely if anyone else walked their child around like this, they would be reported to the child protection agency? I worry what his kids are going to be like when they're grown up. This stuff can't be doing them any good. And- according to certain reports- Michael Jackson wants to adopt an English child when he's doing his long stretch of concerts in London. Someone stop this man! Let him jump around on stage if he wants to (though I have serious doubts that he will manage to do these 50 dates), but don't allow him to have any more children. This is just not right!


Eurodance Blog said...

I'm scared .... what will be next for his child a plastic surgery!? lool

Alex said...

I totally agree, he's dangerous because he's mad! He's not a normal person anymore, and there's nothing to do to help him, he's gone mad several years ago!
Thumbs down!

Constantine said...

The celebrities are a temporary phenomenon.
There were not celebrities in the past, there will not be celebrities in the future.

Skodan said...

I totally agree too. It is a situation knowed all over the world and nobody is doing anyhting about it. I feel ashamed for those children... because no one can ignore that MJ is mentally ill and is probably harming them.