Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lady Sovereign, 'So human'

This clip made me laugh. Lady Sovereign so reminds me of myself many, many years ago...wearing silly hats, crazy hair and wild colourful outfits. And I just know how she will feel many years from now when she looks back at her clips, photo's, etc. She will find it rather hillarious and shake her head at many of the 'fashion mistakes', just like I do now when I look back at mine. Still, I believe that the world needs people like her to make it colourful. So 'Big up!' to Lady Sovereign.

I also understand that feeling of not fitting in with the many 'barbies' in the industry. I always saw myself as a steetwise tomboy, just like I assume Lady Sovereign does.

Love the way she has covered the old Cure track in this. Yep, the whole thing is rather cute.