Wednesday, April 15, 2009

If there is still anyone out there who hasn't yet watched Susan Boyle's it now!

This is amazing! I can't embed the clip, but watch the performance of Susan Boyle on 'Britain's got talent'.

Her performance has so far received 5 million hits on Utube (It's been taken off the site by now). Even Hollywood actress Demi Moore has joined the legions of fans who have voiced their support on the internet.

Ms Boyle, who is currently unemployed, is a keen church-goer and community worker who is well-known for her Karaoke performances. She has shared with the audience that 'she has never been kissed' and has dreamed of being a singer since the age of 12 (she is now 47)

Watch this uplifting clip now!

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Tavi said...

Sorry Simone!!
I prefer Ken leeeee the best hit ever!! :))

Have a great weekend!!