Friday, November 07, 2008

MTV Europe Music Award 2008, Pink's live performance

I love Pink. Great perfomance and another wonderful MTV Europe Music Awards stage show. If only MTV would be 'all about the music' year round and not only at the award shows.

And how funny that Rick Astley actually won an award. He should have been there! It may have been his last ever chance of attending an MTV Europe Music Award. I doubt he will be nominated again in the future.


alex said...

Oh yes! I love Pink too! She's better than ever, it's good to have her in today's music scene! I also agree about the stage of the EMA 2008, probably one of the best ever! This year's edition of the EMA was simple and entertaining, less spotlights and VIPs and more fun and simplicity! And what about Grace Jones, she's so wonderful! And even Katy Perry, I didn't think she could be so lovely, she hosted the show quite well!
Rick Astley... what a shame, he should have been there, definitely! He could at least send a recorded message!

Eurodance Blog said...

Pink rocks like always!:) I loved that part when came drunk on awards.. in 2000 i think .. lool!
It's normal person i think and she don't have that "air of stars" if u know what i mean! it's not Christina or Mariah ! great voices no comment ! but i prefer P!nk :)